Poze Hair Weft - Guide with all the instructions you need


With this product, you have several options to choose from.


With a hairweft you can:

• Sew your extension in on a baked braid

• Glue the weft

• Attaching using micro rings

• Create custom keratin wax

• Customize a Clip & Go set for your head shape


Sustainability depends on the care and product use.



How to glue your hair extension:

1. Section your hair, start at the neck. Cut a weft piece suitable  for your heads width.

2. Apply glue to the weft and on your own hair where you are going attach the weft. Note! Do not apply glue on the scalp.

3. Then press the weft with glue on to your hair where you applied the glue. Press hard and long to increase fixation, you can use a hair dryer or flat iron with low heat, squeeze with pliers on the attachments.

4. When you are done with the first line, you take a new section and repeat the technique. Note, avoid placing extensions above ear level to avoid visible weft pieces in their hair.