Poze - A International brand with quality in focus!
We are an exciting company with many years of experience in hair extensions, ever since its inception in 2008, the goal has always been to develop outstanding products that often exceeds the markets requirements with its high quality. Before Poze was founded in Sweden we decided to begin the long journey with several trips in order to research, test and examine hair qualities and extension products to find the finest hairs for our products. Fashion, traditional crafts, global awareness and advanced equipment are properties that we have taken advantage of to design and develop luxury products with a contemporary feel tailored for modern living.
Poze is now an international brand and we have since the founding been inspired by the fashion industry, the catwalk and the red carpet icons. Our products are used by professional stylists, artists and women worldwide who are all experiencing outstanding and amazing results.

Two important factors that Poze taken into consideration when developing its products is the modern lifestyle where the expectations are high of a woman, this often leads to lack of time and they rarely have time for their appearance. The other factor is that over 80% of the world's women are not entirely satisfied with the length and fullness of their own hair. We saw the opportunity to develop products that meet the customer 's needs without major time consuming. Poze created the Clip & Go which was a huge success and paved the way for the success that followed. After that we launched several products for different needs, which quickly became obvious in every woman's life.
Today we offer all women a longer, fuller hair regardless of position. We have broadened our selection of colors that give glamorous and soft tones so you can create perfect results. You can use different products to fill your hair before a prom or wedding hairstyle,  fill out your hair so it becomes thicker with a perfect and natural result. In other words, we can proudly say, with Poze there are no limits to what hairstyle you want to create.
The vision is to be the pioneers in the industry and the preferred choice for those who decide to wear hair extensions. To be constantly in the forefront and to develop future products, we have specialized staff that is dedicated exclusively to the development. Each time a hair thickening or hair extension is made with our products it creates a magical feeling and experience of the user. An immediate result that can not be missed. Our goal is to grow steadily at a pace that does not affect our quality. We are ready to take on new challenges when the moment comes and looks forward to an eventful future.
We proudly introduce our Swedish team consisting of 9 individuals with great commitment in different areas. Development and production takes place in foreign countries where we have established factories with teams in different areas of the manufactoring process. In addition to the expertise and knowledge we can offer you flexible and secure solutions for a great shopping experience online.

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