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Elin Jaconelli
Elin Jaconelli is a fashion and beauty blogger from Helsingborg. She has a Hairdressing Diploma on the merit list and therefore have high demands when she chooses her hair extensions. For her, Poze Hair Extensions is the obvious choice. In Elin's blog you can follow her in her everyday life. Fashion, beauty, shopping and outfits have the main role, but Elin always presents her posts with a large dose of humor and personality. 
"I had been black-haired for many years when I decided to become a blonde. After many hours in the hairdressing chair, I had finally achieved the blonde shade that I dreamed of, but unfortunately on my hair qualitys expense ... To bleach your hair is a damaging treatment and both my length and thickness were damaged.
Poze Clip & Go Natural Hair Extensions - 12N / 9N
With my Clip & Go-Set from Poze in the shade Honey Blonde Mix 12N/9N I get long and abundant hair in no time. To get real princesshairr I use Clip & Go Extensions that is 60cm long.