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Felicia Aveklew
Felicia Aveklew is a young girl who works as a model and runs her own blog. Because of her great interest in fashion and beauty Felicia has good control on the various products and brands available in the market. On her blog you can read about her job, career, products, and other fun stuff.
Poze Clip & Go Natural Hair Extensions - Mocha Brown 7BN
Thanks to my work as a model I am always on the go so I have to say that I just love Poze Clip & Go. It is truly the easiest way to get long, full and natural looking glam-hair in no time. Thanks to the soft and fine quality Poze has become my favorite and obvious choice when I stand behind the camera.
A totally fantastic product that every girl should have. It is a constant problem to store hair extensions safe and protected, speceillt if you are on the move. With Poze Hair Case I solved that problem and my hair is kept protected and lasts longer. I also use the hanger to let the hair air-dry naturally after washing and also as a holder when I curl my hair extensions.