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Return and change

1. Always mail us at info@pozehair.se prior to making a return, please be detailed in your description and enter your order number, which will also be your return number. Then send your return to:

Poze International AB
Morabergsvägen 9B, Lokal 13
152 42 Södertälje

2. Refund and cancellation of the purchase occurs when we have received the products in return. Remember that you are responsible for ensuring that the package arrives to us in good condition.

3. When changing products, tell us what you want to change to and any differences will be adjusted accordingly. Your new product will be sent as soon as we have received your return with the description. When replacing, you as a customer are responsible for the return costs. We will then send the new product free of charge.

We will not refund hair extensions and cosmetic products that have been used.
When returning the product it should be unused with unopened packaging or it will not be accepted and will be returned to you.

Hair that is returned must be in the package in the same condition it was delivered. Do not remove the hair from the cardboard base that it is attached to as these returns will not be accepted. To verify that the color suits you so you can carefully pull out the hair from the pack and hold it against your own hair.



To make a complaint on a product, please fill in the form below and submit. When you have completed this, the product you wish to advertise should be sent to us, please state the full details including your order number. We will then contact you. Before you make the complaint on a product, ensure that it has been used according to the regulations and that you followed the care instructions that are included.

If complaint relates to hair removal or other defects due to incorrect attachment, we refer you to the person / salon who performed the work, they are responsible for the work performed. We can not possibly guarantee the skills in hair extensions of the person who performed the work.

This means that the right to claim does not include errors caused by normal wear and tear, improper use or attachment, use by other hair care products than Poze own or if you changed the origin of the product by coloring or other chemical procedures.



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