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Hair Extensions has in recent years become increasingly popular, and today most women use some form of hair extensions. The team behind the brand Poze are experienced hairdressers and stylists with over 10 years experience in the field. Much has happened in the meantime and we have been involved from the start and contributed to the development of many fantastic products that have made daily lives of many women easier around the world.

To ensure quality, we have specialists and developers working side by side to find the very best sources of hair suppliers and to constantly develop our products and treatment process during the production of extensions.

Hair extensions are more than just a longer and fuller hair, it offers an immediate change that looks and feels magical for most users. Especially for those who have thin hair that does not grow to the length you desire.

Today the market is dominated by hair from various parts of Asia, the biggest operators are China and India with their temple hair.

The story began early in India where the hair of young women and men were shaved outside of the temples and sacrificed to the god Vishnu, in hope of good Karma. This tradition has continued and temples have developed a system that allows them to bring in about 5 tons of hair daily only in India. The term Indian hair also covers neighboring countries where the population has similar hair texture as Indian people. What the temple's gain on the sale of the hair goes into supporting temple orphans with food, education and more.

Young women in India has a tradition of sacrificing the hair on the day they get married and they have until then never cut or dyed their hair. This is the so-called "Temple Hair" that often keeps a very high quality. For many years the Italian companies purchased all Indian hair and made ​​qualitative extensions which are then sold to Europe and the U.S. who pay a high price for the final product. The Italian companies have, however, recently seen competition from companies selling Asian hair at much lower prices forcing them to reduce the quality and therefore the price. Nowadays it is almost impossible to get hold of a 100% Indian hair, most are mixed with Asian hair in order to keep prices down.

China is currently the largest operator in the market. With modern factories, low labor costs and unlimited resources China can deliver tons of extensions every month. Here, young people are visiting the factories to sell their hair and get money for food and studies. Asian hair covers all the countries that have Asian hair quality, most countries are selling their hair to Chinese companies producing extensions and sells it on to Europe and the U.S.

China is often associated with very poor quality and many times can extensions from China be unusable after only 2 weeks of use, so it is extremely important to buy hair from well-known brands with proven quality. The most important factors is to use only healthy hair and treat it as gently as possible when producing extensions. Here fails too many companies that have limited resources and poor knowledge. In recent years, several leading operators in China have started purchasing hair from India, Europe and Brazil in order to offer even higher quality.

European hair is rare but perfect for Europeans and people with similiar hairstructure. The hair blends naturally with your own hair and gives a natural result. This hair usually comes from South and East European countries. European hair is more expensive because it is rare and has limited hair donations that have good quality. Most have treated hair and is already damaged and thus unsuitable for extensions. Poze hair extensions offer its premium hair with European quality that you can feel safe with. We only collect healthy and strong hair in addition to produce the very best premium hair extensions.

With synthetic hair you can be pretty sure that the quality is often the same, there are different types of synthetic materials and the best option is Synthetic Fiber. Synthetic is a good option for those who want long hair with long lasting shine at an affordable price.

Remy Hair means that the hairs cuticles are all aligned unidirectional and creates extensions with a completely natural appearance without tangles.

The hair that is collected ends up in large bags or baskets. Then the hair is sorted after lengths and quality, when this is done the hair gets cleaned and is put in big cleansing baths. This step in the process is very important and requires proper care products and equipment. After the cleancing bath the hair goes into a bleaching bath which bleaches the hair. When the hair achieves the desired brightness mode, it's time to dye the hair in large containers. Finally the hair is treated with conditioning products and then adjusted to the different hair extension methods available on the market today.

Today there are several different methods for hair extensions and it will continue to evolve.
The most popular is the Clip & Go Extensions that you can attach and remove by yourself without any help from a professional. Second is the Keratin Extensions that is a permanent hair extension technique. There are also Tape On, Hair weft and Micro Ring extensions. All methods are suitable for different needs and hair qualities.

Poze is a brand that stands for quality, collected only from the finest hairs from different parts of Asia and even Europe. The hair is treated with a gentle and very advanced technology in modern laboratories. Under the careful process the hair undergoes several nourishing treatments that will strengthen the hair and maintain the hair's protective layer called the cuticle. As a conclusion to quality treatment Poze uses a keratin treatment that strengthens the hair further.
In many other factories they apply aggressive treatment processes that allows the cuticle to completely disappear resulting in a brittle and dry hair extension that does not retain for very long.