Poze Premium Tape On - Midnight Black
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Poze Premium Tape On Hair Extensions - 52g Midnight Black 1N - 50cm Poze Premium Tape On Hair Extensions - 52g Midnight Black 1N - 50cm Poze Premium Tape On Hair Extensions - 52g Midnight Black 1N - 50cm

Poze Premium Tape On Hair Extensions - 52g

Midnight Black 1N - 50cm

With Poze Tape On Extensions you will fulfill the dream of a glamorous and luxurious hair of the highest quality. You get extra fullness with maximum volume.
We recommend Poze Premium Quality for you who place high demands on quality and durability. This collection is the most exclusive we can offer you when it comes to hair extensions. It consists only of thin and fine hair of the highest quality.
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• Shape: Straight hair, which also can be shaped with a curl- or flat iron.


• Amount & Measurements: Each kit contains 20 piecess, each 4cm wide. Each package contains 52 gram of hair.


You will need 2 sets for thin-normal hair, 3-4 sets if you have normal-thick hair. 


Benefits of Poze Tape On Extensions: 

• Comfortable and natural results 

• Easy to re-use with new tape 

• Gentle and suitable for all hair types 

• Pre-Cut parts to save you time and you do not have pulls and tension in the hair 


Tip: Wash your hands well before you start attaching the extension to remove grease from your fingers. Apply Tape On hair as usual and finish by squeezing the weft slightly with a plier to get a durable grip. Avoid oily and fatty products at the scalp. 


Poze Premium Quality - This hair is made of a specially selected quality which is finer and originates from southern Europe, which is perfect for fine Scandinavian hair. Premium Quality is straight and get a slight natural curl after washing. The initial shade is often lighter and therefore require a more gentle bleaching process before the hair is colored. The result is a healthier and stronger hair that lasts longer.


100% Natural Remy Hair extensions that are treated with Poze Keratin-Refill Process, which condition the hair with intense nourishment and makes it stronger. Remy means that all hair is in the same direction, minimizing tangles and keeps the hair healthy for a long time.





Cleaning and Brushing


• When you wash your hair extensions, it is always best to let your hair dry naturally, you can also use the blow dryer with low heat to speed up the process, remember to keep the nozzle at about 30cm distance. Never sleep with wet hair.


• Brush your hair thoroughly before cleaning and separate brackets apart with your fingers if you extended your hair with keratin, which may otherwise cluster.


• When you shower, gently massage the shampoo into the hair with downward movements, do not rub. Then rinse thoroughly! Do not spray with hot water, lukewarm are recommended. Use plenty of conditioner and mask meanwhile you comb out the hair. Do not wash your extensions more often than necessary to avoid unnecessary damage.


• You should regularly use deep conditioner that repairs. Do not apply balm or conditioner close to the scalp and where you attached your hair because it gets oily and increases the risk that the mount can drop or slip off.


• Brush your hair every day and start at the peaks when you brush. We recommend swine brushes for hair extensions. Use a sparse brush to sort out tangle in the hair before it dries. We recommend you to brush it when the hair is dry. Always hold the bracket when you brush your hair to avoid pulling and tearing of your extensions.


• Braid the hair at night, there is nothing that wear as much as when you are asleep because you turn and rub the hair during the night. Use rubber band without metal. Never go to bed with wet hair. Brush through it again when you wake up.




• You can style your hair extensions just like your normal hair, flat, curl or blow-dry. Pay attention and use the recommended hair care products. Use heat protective products and avoid to flat or blow dry the hair extensions too often. The more often the faster it worn.


• Never use a flat or curling iron directly on the keratin bracket when they can digest. Avoid even the brackets at other hair extension methods.


• Be careful not to use products containing alcohol, oils or silicones directly on the bracket,  it can change the properties of keratin & silicones makes the hair become tangled, avoid these in your hair. Instead, use silk drops.


• Do not spray hairspray that contains alcohol on your hair because it also damages the hair. Avoid styling products that contain chemicals / alcohol as spray and gel.




• Strong sun, heat, swimming in chlorine and salt watercan loosen the keratin bonds and other extension brackets. The hair worn extra when subjected to such exposure, the hair can become tangled firmly in salt water and chlorine and blonde hair can become discolored. Rinse your hair thoroughly with fresh water after such exposure and use conditioner and leave-in products that protect your hair. The best would be to not bathe your hair at all.


We are not responsible for Extensions used in the sun or swimming.


• All tinting, dyeing or other chemical treatment on your hair will be at your own risk. We do not recommend such treatments on your hair because it is already sufficiently dealt with. We do not replace hair that is destroyed due. chemical treatments.


Poze recommend you to use quality products on your hair.

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