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Ida Josefin Eriksson
Ida Josefin Eriksson is a inspiring girl who lives in Stockholm since 2010. Ida is a trained journalist and works as a writer and runs a full-time business as web and graphic designer, freelance photographer and blogger. Ida is a girl with huge interest in beauty and fashion, therefore you will find many tips and reviews to read on the blog.
Poze Clip & Go - Sandy Brown Mix 10B/7BN
I have used hair extensions for a long time and I really love when I can find the right colors that suits me. Poze has incredibly beautiful colors with cold and soft tones but also warm and deep tones. Absolutely perfect when you want to change your color to different outfits or seasons. In addition, I love the quality that are outstanding.
I love smart products that makes your life easier, Poze Hair Case is just such a product. Absolutely amazing to have at home or when you are out traveling.